The Power of Staging a Vacant Home

Earlier this year I was in Granville, Ohio helping investors market their latest project.

This home had been on the market from the time the investors purchased it (a little over a year ago).  If the right buyer came along during updating, they had the potential of having finishes customized.

The investors completed the home in October 2017 and the home went into contract almost immediately.  Unfortunately, it fell out of contract just as quickly.

The investors called me in Dec. and on Jan. 18th, I staged this quaint home.  When a home is on the market prior to staging, the first question I always ask is, “what has the feedback been from the showings”.  This one was easy.  It’s a 3-bedroom home, and 2 of the bedrooms located on the main floor are small; but big enough for all the essentials, buyers just couldn’t see it.

Without furniture, it was hard to see what might or might not fit. This home was a perfect case of why it’s important to stage a vacant home prior to listing.

Before – buyers saw the master bedroom as too small



By using a queen size bed, and 2 side tables, staging showed buyers that the room is much bigger than it looked.  Adding 2 ottomans at the end of the bed shows that there’s still plenty of room to walk through once a dresser or other piece of furniture is added.

Before staging: bedroom #2 also seen as too small






Because there was a third bedroom upstairs with room for 2 beds, I staged the second bedroom on the main floor as a nursery.  Once staged buyers could see there’s plenty of room for all the necessities.

The open concept living / kitchen area was oversized and beautiful.  These rooms didn’t receive negative feedback; however, buyers couldn’t imagine how to arrange their furniture. 







Staging helps buyers figure out how to best arrange their own furniture

There was even enough room for a workspace; something buyers couldn’t see

Kitchen eat-in area prior to staging                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  





Even in a bright home, professional photos are a must – all after photos by JPG Media




The offset lighting fixture made it hard for buyers to imagine what size table might fit in the dining room


Another great example of how staging shows the true size of a room

After staging, this home received it’s first offer within 5 days of being relisted.  Unfortunately, it fell out of contract.  But just 2 days later, after the first open house it was back in contract and has since closed.

These investors said, “I will never flip a home again without staging”.  You can read their review of Element One here.

This is just another example of why staging a vacant home is so important.