The Do-Over

Have you ever wished you could do something over, because you knew that given the chance you could do it better?

When I began staging, before I considered doing vacant stagings, I staged my own home which had been for sale for more than 2 years (2010 was a very bad time to sell a home).  I used the furniture that I had at the time.  It was an eclectic mix to say the least.  Before I was a home stager, I was a single mom working in the corporate world and décor wasn’t high on my priority list.

Now, almost six years later, specializing in vacant stagings, I often think about that home and wonder how I might have staged it if I had the inventory I have today.

Right after Christmas, I received a call from a homeowner about staging a vacant home that had been on the market for more than 30 days with no offers.  I viewed the home online.  Although it was not in the same neighborhood as my home had been, there was something oddly familiar about the layout.

The next day I met the homeowner at the home and sure enough . . . it was the exact layout of my previous home with a few differences in windows and flooring.  The kitchen eat-in-area is in direct path from the front door to the great room, not your typical layout.  It took everything I had not to beg the homeowner to allow me to stage this vacant home.  It was my chance for a do-over!!  Luckily, I didn’t have to beg.  This smart homeowner wanted to get the home sold and, so she decided to stage.  I staged the home on Saturday, the listing was refreshed with the new photos on Monday and it was in contract by Tuesday!

Click here:     to see the homeowners experience.

Here are the photos of my home as I staged it in 2012 along with the photos of my do-over that I staged last week.

The Great Room: Just as décor wasn’t a priority, neither was paint.  Like many homeowners, when I moved in, this paint color was current and when it came time to sell, I thought it was fine; it was neutral.   I didn’t have anyone to tell me how important the paint color was.


The do-over


The Kitchen – Eat-In Area: Because the kitchen table was in the direct path from the front door to the great room I thought it might be best to minimize that area.  I opted for a small, counter height table with only 2 chairs.  Green and terracotta were the current colors; you can see them repeated in the pillows on the sofa.

The Do-Over

A regular height table keeps the view into the great room unobstructed and 4 chairs shows how big the space really is


The Kitchen – Countertops: Yes, mine had granite . . . not at first, but it was suggested that granite would sell the home.  I rarely make that suggestion to my clients; as I’ve learned granite alone does not sell a home.  I never did like the granite counters.  Maybe if I had changed the paint color it would have made a difference.


The Do-Over

No granite, but a beautiful kitchen nonetheless

The master bedroom: One of the rooms that I did paint; it had been marigold.  Gray was making its debut.  Today, I would not suggest a focal wall.  I’ve learned, the flow and choppiness of the change in colors equates to “small”.


The Do-Over

(In case you’re wondering, they are not the same pillows)


The Master Bathroom:   One thing that’s different in all the stagings I do today . . .



The Do-Over


Professional Photography!  All photos of last weeks staging  were taken by JPG Media.

Well, that’s it . . . my do-over.  I no longer have to wonder “what if”.  It’s been fun to look back and gratifying to see the improvement I’ve made. ????  And even better, I was able to help a wonderful couple move on from the past and into 2018.  That’s a great start to the New Year!