The Silent Home Stager

The days have been flying by and I’ve not been keeping up on social media – it’s been a busy beginning of the year to be sure.  Besides the usual stagings and de-stagings, I’m making time to attend the Greater Area Worthington Realtors Association meetings again.  It’s good to hear what’s happening in the world of Real Estate from Agents themselves.  

I’ve also been preparing for my upcoming class I’ll be teaching at the Dublin Community Recreation Center, Home Staging for Homeowners.  The class is taking place this Saturday, Feb. 18th.  There are still openings if your interested but if you’re unable to make it this week, I’ll be teaching 2 classes a month through the summer.  Next to staging, talking about staging is one of my favorite things to do.  Educating homeowners and Realtors, helping dispel myths about staging is something I enjoy.  There are so many benefits to staging and just as many misconceptions.

In the last 2 weeks I’ve also working on an exciting project.  I’ll be staging 2 apartment models for a complex on the Northwest end of town.  A complex that has been around since my apartment days (that’s a long time ago); but it’s been completely remodeled.  Like many homeowners, they bought new furniture and some accessories but it was far from what they thought it would look like.  

Having the correct scale of furniture is especially important in a smaller space.  Not enough or too small (as in the kitchen) can make a space look empty.  While too much or too big (as in the living room with the sofa and lamp) can make a space look too small or crowded . . . and having both in the same open space looks awkward.

Apartments can be more challenging because of the small space.  You definitely have to know the measurements and plan accordingly.  And anyone who knows me . . . knows I love when a plan comes together and this one is coming together beautifully!  I’ve purchased all the furniture and art and will be finishing with the accessories and bedding today.  

Because of it’s location to a certain campus, I’ve been asked to use red as a pop of color, (the paint is gray).  Red is not my normal M.O., but I’m up for the challenge.  Here’s a small snap shot of part the design board I put together for the living area.  Watch for more about this project in an upcoming blog.         

I’m still working to help form a local Real Estate Staging Association chapter here in Columbus.  We started working on this a year ago and unfortunately it didn’t take place for various reasons.  But we have not given up and hopefully are very close to seeing this finally come to fruition.  I hope to be able to tell you more about this in the near future.  

For now, it’s back to shopping and lots of de-stagings of homes that were staged and listed in December and January.  They have sold and are on the way to the closing table.