Homeowners Ask:

Should I wait until spring to stage and list my home?

I hear this question a lot; I turned to agents I partner with and asked their advice for selling during the winter.  As it turns out there are actually advantages to selling your home during the winter. Lori Hicks of  HER Hicks Elite Realty Professionals  told me, “it can be advantageous to sell during the winter months because there is much less competition during this time of the year and while you will have less showings, the buyers are more serious”.  Lori suggests that “during the winter months it’s especially important to make sure your home is market ready. A home that is staged and priced right will quickly lead to a sale. Turn on lights and shovel walkways and drives when needed. Easy access to a well lit house will help insure your home gets seen”.

Michelle Groff of ReMax Impact agrees that there may be less activity but explains that it  “definitely takes a very serious buyer to go out on those cold & snowy days and dark nights to look for a home.  Because of the wintery weather, the yards and exterior appearance of the homes can be less attractive.  I would still put a nice wreath on your front door but would concentrate more on making the interior of your home look cozy and as polished as possible.  A few freshly made chocolate chip cookies  for the buyers are a nice touch also”.

I also learned that January is the biggest month for corporate relocations.  And selling your home during the winter, means you’ll be first in line to make an offer (without a contingency to sell) when spring comes and the inventory once again increases!

And of course, staging a home prior to listing, no matter what time of year is always a good idea!