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We specialize in vacant home staging to transform your home into what a buyer is looking for.

Client Raves

Cory Hunting


After 6 months on the market and a declining asking price, we decided to try staging. The house was vacant except for a few select items we left behind to help clarify each room's purpose; we thought the beauty of our home alone would drive interest and didn't really take into consideration the mish-mosh of what we left behind. We found Lori online and loved the fact that included in her price was a set of professional photos to use for the listing. She was patient, answered all of our questions and flexible with our date requirements. Traffic immediately picked up - we were getting three times the private showings and landed an offer the first week back on the market.

William Feltz


I was selling my house that was 48 years old. It is a great property, but because of its age it had a dated floor plan. After being on the market for over 100 days I made the decision to switch realtors. The realtor that I decided to re-list with was familiar with the house, but realized it needed a new look. The realtor Michelle brought in Lori with Element One to suggest changes to make the house more appealing. I decided to make the recommended changes which involved interior painting and staging. After the work was completed and the house went back on the market the showing activity was very positive and in 8 days the house went into contract. I had move out of state and was not able to see the end result except for the photographs. The house definitely had a new look. I asked family and friends (who went through during an open house) to tour the house and the comments from everyone were very positive. At first I was skeptical about the benefits of staging and concerned about the costs associated with it (I had lived in the house for 35 years and loved it), but feel that it definitely helped in getting a quick offer.

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