Each staging or redesign service begins with a consultation.

Staging services include a home preparation plan to complete prior to the final service, recommended vendors and service providers (if needed), and a beautiful photo show of the staged home for your agents marketing.

You’ll be educated and prepared for the day of staging or redesign – so you’ll know what to expect.  For occupied homes, we’ll give you tips and show you how to make your home “show-ready” in a matter of minutes.

Vacant Home Staging – Using all the right furnishings, art, rugs and décor we’ll create a design plan which optimizes the layout of your home, highlights the design, maximizes the lighting, and optimally showcases the home and it’s features.  Potential buyers will feel invited into a home that they can see as their next home.                      

Occupied Home Staging – If you are living in your home while it is on the market, we’ll help you maximize your homes potential with a combination of design, de-clutter, organization and staging.  Working with what you already have, we’ll help you create a show ready home and give you tips and tricks on how to live in a staged home. 

 DIY Comprehensive Report – If you need advice when it comes to preparing your home for sale but would rather Do-It-Yourself this is the service for you.  We’ll view your home discussing an action plan along the way.  We’ll also send you a very comprehensive report for you to follow room-by-room so you can do it on your own time.  Our report will include items such as room layouts, visual ideas for fixtures, finishes, art, pillows, decor, etc.  

Redesign Services –  Love your furnishings and decor but having problems figuring out how to arrange them in your current living space?  We can help you love the way it looks!

Additional Services –  Color Consultation ∙ Shopping Service ∙ Open House Preparation ∙ Supplemental Staging ∙ Finishing Touches

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