RESA Cares – Heather’s Hero’s Update

Thank you to all who continue to help in one way or another with this project; whether by reaching out to your network or volunteering or donating materials or money, your help is greatly appreciated.   Here’s what new with Heather’s Hero’s:
Volunteers: I met with a contractor and a painter (to be named later) last week! And today the painter will begin prep work for painting the interior!
Sherwin Williams has donated some of the paint!
MirrorMate® Frames will be donating a frame for the bathroom mirror!
We have a company (also to be named later) who has volunteered to donate laminate flooring for the kitchen and dining room!
We are waiting to hear back about a new stove and flooring throughout the rest of the home.

We are still in need of the following materials:
Paint, countertop and backsplash for the kitchen, light fixtures (throughout the home) quarter round, baseboard (where needed), Kilz and a new faucet for the kitchen sink.

If you’d like to help but are unable volunteer or donate materials, please remember there is a donate option for Heather’s Hero’s and every little bit helps!

For example:
The home is in need of 10 overhead light fixtures; home depot sells a 2 pack of flush mount lighting fixtures for about $20. That would be $100 (+ tax) to replace all the lighting fixtures in the home. If just 20 people donate $5 – that would take care of the light fixtures.

Please check back as I will continue to update the progress of this community project.