On Line Marketing Does Matter


Trulia recently sited that “a recent survey found that 86% of home seekers find photos to be the most useful feature online when it comes to real estate. What’s more, 84% of buyers and sellers said they would not consider buying a photo-less listing”.

I posted the below in 2012 and as it still holds true today – I am reposting.  On line marketing does matter . . .

With the convenience of the internet, people do almost everything on line.  From Christmas shopping to banking, searching for a car and yes . . . even shopping for a home.  And just like shopping for anything else, if you don’t like what you see, you move on.

 Online photos are a potential buyer’s first glimpse of a house. 

It’s for that reason, when I recently heard someone say, “It’s not the pictures that will sell a house, it’s the price”, that I decided to post about the importance of on line marketing.

While I would agree that pricing a house right is extremely important, make no mistake that the price won’t matter if you can’t get buyers to view the home.  If a buyer sees a house with purple walls, outdated carpet, fixtures, etc.  Their first thought, (no matter what the price) is going to be “that house needs a lot of work”.

Having top notch photos of your listing on Realtor.com, the listing agent’s web site, or any other site is a major factor whether potential buyers even request a showing.  Studies show when searching for a home, buyers 1.) look on line, 2.) drive by the house and, if they like what they see in steps 1 and 2, they 3.) request a showing.  Which is one reason vacant homes take longer to sell than occupied homes.  Without seeing furnished rooms people can’t envision the true size of the room, what its purpose is, or how their own furniture might fit.

Buyers will request showings of homes that appeal to them.  Not only when it comes to price but also, size and style.  You can take the newest house and make it look dated with the wrong furniture, art and accessories or it can look small with too much furniture or clutter.  The opposite is also true, you can make an older home look updated with the right accessories, art and correct placement of furniture.  This is why staging and exceptional photos should be the first steps when preparing your home for sale.  And the more photos the better!!  Show it off!!  Many real estate agents retain a professional photographer for their on line marketing.  Others will also assume the cost of a staging professional.

No matter who pays for the professional services the bottom line is the home owner will come out ahead!  Staged homes with great on line photos to show not only the homes size, but the lifestyle buyers could gain with the purchase of that home is what puts a home at the top of the “this is the one” list!  People don’t buy houses, they buy homes!

If you’ve made the decision to sell remember that most requests for a showing of a home will usually happen within the first 2 weeks.  So before you list your home or hold your first open house call me!  By staging your home I can help you and your real estate agent sell your house faster and for more money!  I know its cliché, but it’s true . . .