A Last-Minute Christmas Gift

Last week I talked about how staging helps homes sell even in the winter months.  I reported that 99% of the homes staged by Element One in November and December were in contract.

On Christmas Eve, the home owners of that other 1% received an offer on their home!

Bexley – This home was on the market for 135 days vacant prior to staging.  It had been somewhat updated prior to listing.  But the real issue was the open concept living and dining areas.  I know, that’s what everyone is looking for these days.  So why was it an issue?

Even though everyone wants open concept, when it’s presented vacant buyers aren’t sure how they would arrange their furniture.  As I’ve said before, when buyers have unanswered questions, they move onto the next house.

Staging this home helped potential buyers see “what could be” and see the true size of the areas.  And by doing so, helped the homeowners receive an offer in just 43 days!

Staging helps homes sell faster; eliminating months of carrying costs and putting more money in your pocket.

100% of the homes staged by Element One in the months of November and December are in contract! 

There is no need to wait till Spring; stage and sell your vacant home today.