Heather’s Hero’s

Late last week I was contacted by Shell Brodnax, CEO of the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA); she had received a phone call from a woman in Circleville, Ohio inquiring about home staging and how staging can help a home sell faster.   Here’s what Shell had to say about that phone call:

When Heather contacted RESA, she was simply asking for a name of a home stager in her area.  Heather’s struggles came up in normal conversation and I instantly knew we crossed paths for a bigger purpose than a simple referral. I believe in the law of attraction and when I notice things that are put in my path – I take action. There was no question in my mind of what I needed to do. Something just took over. It was like every fiber in my body was screaming at me to get involved. It happened in a matter of moments and it was overwhelming. I could not have ignored it if I tried“.

Read Heather’s story and about her Hero’s.  This story has just begun – check back for updates you won’t want to miss!  It’s amazing what has happened in only one week!