Being Oceanside

I recently headed to Mexico for some R & R.  Nothing makes me feel healthier and more relaxed than a little time in the sun.  I never really stop working though.  Being on vacation just means I don’t physically stage any homes.  I still talk to clients, plan, shop online for design projects and catch up on my reading.

Right before heading to breakfast one morning, an article caught my eye: Introducing the 2018 Color of the Year – Oceanside SW 6496  (as chosen by Sherwin Williams). 


Given that I happened to be oceanside, made it that much more intriguing to me.  The rest of the day I couldn’t help noticing the influences and various shades of 2018’s color of the year in my surroundings.  Sherwin Williams explains that “Oceanside, bridges together a harmonious balance of blues and greens”.

We saw it on our way to breakfast


At lunch . . .


and of course, where else but in the ocean


Around the resort we saw it in the tiles of a pool


and in a cenote

I love the beautiful, blues and greens of the ocean.  But this isn’t a color I would want to cover my walls.  It’s a little too dark for my taste.  Maybe it’s my staging frame of mind, I still prefer a nice neutral on the walls.  A little bit of oceanside in accents, pillows and art would go a long way for me.

On another note: A few weeks before leaving for Mexico, I staged this patio in a vacant home.

I saw this plant at the resort and thought about the patio.  I decided that I must have been thinking about a vacation a little more than I realized.   ????  Then again . . . I’m always up for being oceanside!