3 Things a Home Stager Can Do that the Average Seller Can’t

As homeowners begin the selling process, they usually have several goals in mind: sell the home for as much money as possible, as quickly as possible, as simply as possible, and exert little money or effort on a home they’re no longer going to own.

The problem is that some of these goals are contradictory. If you’re unwilling to spend money or effort on a home you’re selling, you’re unlikely to make much of a profit (if any) on the home. Though it may seem counterintuitive to spend money hiring a home stager when you’re trying to save money during the process of selling your home, home stagers are trained to appeal to buyers in ways the average seller can’t.

Hiring a home stager will help you achieve a fast sale for the most money and will therefore indirectly help you simplify the process and offset the financial drain that can come with selling your home.

A home stager can help you appeal to a broad range of potential buyers, even those you never thought would be interested in your home. If you try to sell your home without the advice of a home stager, you run the risk of decorating the home for a niche market, which will likely lead to your home sitting vacant and unsold for months while the carrying costs add up quickly.

With the advice of an experienced home stager, however, your home will be attractive to a wide range of potential buyers. Through the use of furniture and accessories, a home stager will create a balance between being trendy and too taste-specific. Neutral colors will eliminate distraction and achieve a style that is both elegant and inviting and highlights the features of the home itself.

Secondly, a home stager can highlight the quality of the home in ways most sellers can’t. When you’re selling a home, it’s important that it doesn’t look cheap or second-hand. Buyers know the home has been lived in previously, but they’re more likely to make an offer if the home looks well cared for and updated.

Luckily, included in the price of home staging is the use of quality furniture. The right home stager has an inventory used only for staging, which he/she keeps up-to-date as styles change. Replacing your well-loved furniture with a home stager’s pieces can give the entire home a facelift. Leaving behind a few undesired pieces as a means of staging the home will make the home appear dated and undesirable, too.

You might love your worn-in oversized sectional, but buyers will pass on it (and your home!) every time. A home stager will ensure that the furniture is of an appropriate scale for the room in order to show the best use of space and purpose of each room. All of this will add to the quality of your home–and the price that buyers are willing to pay.

Finally, a home stager can tap into the psychology of the potential buyer to create a connection to the home. In order to make a serious offer, buyers need to be able to picture themselves living in the home as they walk through it. Investing in home staging will make buyers want to live in the home without being able to quite put their finger on why. The truth is that buyers are more attracted to the lifestyle the home portrays than they are to the home itself. Careful attention to detail and knowledge of the target market are required to create a connection to the home, and a home stager is equipped to create the desired image for the buyer.

When choosing your home stager, keep your goals in mind. Don’t be afraid to ask the important questions about their training, continuing education, philosophy, and inventory. A home stager who is in business–not just a hobbyist–will have answers to these questions and will have a website to back up their answers. Their website, which should contain their portfolio, is the best place to see the quality of work they do and help you decide if they will help you sell your home quickly for the most money.